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“Pho (prounounced “fuh”) originated in the early 20th century in Northern Vietnam. The specific place of origin appears to be southeast of Hanoi in Nam Dinh province, at that time, a substantial textile market.
Cooks there, created a noodle soup sought to please both the Vietnamese and French population. It was first sold by vendors from large boxes, until the first pho restaurant opened in the 1920s in Hanoi.
Our Chefs have more than 20 years experience in the art of cooking pho and other specialty dishes. Our goal is to make every pho as original and fresh as the first local cooks in Hanoi. We believe food unites people together and we hope that when you try it, you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

From 08/03/2018, Pho Ben will have more smoothie drink like frosty mango, taro etc…plus new coffee with Espresso machine with all different favor especially we grind coffee bean here, will be fresh and delicious.

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Mon-Sun 10:00am – 09:30pm